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March 11, 2011
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Introducing Mira the Rus'

-The sun was beginning to set over the city of Kiev.  The clouds began to roll towards the Asian steppes and the stars began to pierce through the night time sky.  Snow covered the streets, the house tops, the stone walls, everything.  Lamp lighters began making their rounds.  The average Kievan citizens retired for the evening.  Parents called out to their children who were busy playing in the snow.  Night time was no place for a child.  The night belonged to an entirely different cast of characters.  Soldiers from the local barracks searched for a good time.  Virile and rowdy teenage boys, who fancy themselves men, poured into the streets.  Serb bandits scoured the streets looking for easy pray.  Greek traders sold their goods.  Old drunks and working girls began to crowd the bars.  My oh my, this was no place for a child.

This night was starting out to be just another regular evening.  The bars quickly filled up with numerous all sorts of patrons.  As the night dragged on and as the alcohol flowed forth, a mysterious individual appeared.  Some knew who this person was just by the blood red cloak that corrupted the individual's silhouette.  The red cloak trekked through the snow to a local bar on the East end and kicked open the ice covered door.  The ruckus caused didn't seem to interrupt the festivities inside.  The individual marched towards the counter, catching the eye of just a few guests.

"Hey there, I'll take a vodka…aww wait, never mind" the individual says with a soft, feminine voice and heavy sigh.

The figure shuffles its way to a lonely table in the far corner of the bar and lowers it's hood.  Flowing blonde hair and a face as soft as the snow from above is revealed.  Those who are paying attention quickly notice the mysterious person is in fact a woman.   She unbuckles her large belt around her thick cloak and lays her saber on the table top.  She undoes her crimson cloak and tosses it on the chair next to her, all the while her back is facing drunken gathering.  At this point a few of the drunks behind her take notice.

"Woah, would you look at that?" says a heavily bearded fellow.

"Who is that?  I've never seen her before" interjects another.

"Man, I don't know who she is, but I sure would like to!"

The blonde seems to be unaware of the gossip brewing behind her.  She sits down heavily in her chair and slams her folded arms on the table.  With a heavy brow the she laments…

"I really could go for a drink but I just can't do it.  Wish I had some more money too, I'm starving.  Then again I'm always starving now.  What another lame night?" the mysterious woman says a loud, all the while staring our the window to her left.

Now more than just men are beginning to take notice of her.  For you see, she is wearing a most peculiar outfit.  Her hands are shielded by heavily, worn gloves, trimmed in bear fur.  Her feet are covered by matching boots.  Most appropriate gear for the winters of Kiev.  However, she appears to be wearing nothing more than two straps over cloth around her body.  No one can really make out the true nature of her clothing as her long hair covers most of her back.  She sits there, motionless for a few moments.  The rich blonde hair that crowns her head reflects golden rays of candle light.  Time passes until the inevitable happens.

"Aww, look at her.  I bet she's smoking hot." a young man named Mikhail voices aloud.

"Yeah, I wonder bet she is.  Why don't you go find out for us?!" replies one of his friends while slapping Mikhail's back.

"Fine, I will, but I warn you, I'm not gonna share her with any of you cowards!"  the young drunk replies while climbing to his feet.

Mikhail finishes his drink, slams the mug down, and begins to march towards the woman he covets so much.  As he makes his way towards her, she straightens himself out, dusts himself off, and sticks out his chest.  With an arrogant, obviously drunk tone, he proclaims…

"Hey there pretty lady, you in need of some company?"  Mikhail boasts.

Silence begins to fall over the entire bar as all in attendance are eager to see the hidden blonde's response.  With a silent motion she turns to the right and looks over her shoulder up towards Mikhail.

"Is there something I can do for you little man?"  she replies in a monotone.

"There sure is, how about you and I get a few drinks and make our way back to my place for a little fun!"  Mikhail responds while thrusting his pelvis towards her.

"I hardly think you can keep up with me in the bed room, besides, you seem a little young for that.  Go practice your skills on your own time."  the mysterious blonde replies while turning away.

"How dare you speak to me like that!?"  Mikhail roars.

At that moment pure silence takes over.  Mikhail's friends begin to move in.  The local drunks raise their heads in wonder.  The working girls and their customers stop their business to investigate.  All eyes are on the situation brewing between Mikhail and his potential conquest.

"How dare I what?" she retorts.

"That's it, my boys and I are gonna show you a good time whether you like it or not!  Come on over men!" Mikhail voices while gesturing to his comrades.

At that moment the blonde pushes her chair back into the rowdy drunk's foot and climbs to her feet.  Much to Mikhail's amazement she stands as tall as he does.  She turns around and stares him straight in the eye.  Her sky blue eyes convey a sense of tension, not unlike a thunderstorm brewing in the evening.  However, chuckles and faint laughter begin to rise from the crowd.  First to break their silence are the working girls who quickly laugh at their loudest.  

"Look at her!!" they exclaim.

"Hahaha!  Never mind lady!  We thought you were some sexy babe, but apparently some buddy already spoiled our fun!"  Mikhail bursts out straight into the maiden's face.

The girl's face turned a bright shade of red and her brow became distorted with rage.  However, it seemed to go unnoticed by the foolish crowd.  This was mainly due to her tall, slender frame being completely overshadowed by her heavily pregnant belly.  Laughter roared through the bar from all ends.

"You insolent little worm!  Haven't you ever seen a pregnant lady before?!"  the mother to be thunderously replied.

"Ha, you say that like it's supposed to mean something to me.  You're damaged goods fatty, see ya later!"  Mikhail says as he turns away.

"No one walks away from Mira so easily!"  she screams at the top of her lungs.

Silence once again befalls the bar.  Every remains still, as if they have been suddenly petrified.  Four soldiers in the back break the silence by quickly darting out he bar.  The ladies are quick to follow.  The bar keep back against the wall.  The only people to not panic appear to be Mikhail and his drunken cohorts.

"Mira?  Who's Mira?"  he asks in a drunken manner.

"I am, you dumb ass!!  Haven't you heard of me!?" Mira replies while shaking her fists.

"Err…no?"  the drunks say in unison.

Suddenly out of no where, the bar keep declares…

"She's Mira, the slayer of the wyvern in Odessa!!  She survived a duel with Koschei the Deathless!"

"Wait…you mean she's Mira the Rus'!?!!?"  Mikhail and his friend shout allowed.  

"That's right punks!  Now you're toast!"  

With that said, Mira dashes forward and with one rising uppercut, she sends Mikhail flying through the air.  He lands with a thud in the center of the bar, completely unconscious.  Before his buddies can react, Mira lunges at another thug grabbing him by the collar saying…

"You know it isn't nice to mock a mother to be!!  We're a very hormonal bunch!!" Mira shouts as she tosses the poor man into the wall.

Only two of the foolish youths remain.  Mira stomps towards them, her fists shaking with raw anger.  Her golden hair lays down her back, her leather top shakes with anger, and her loin cloth dangles, as she presses on.  One my ask themselves "How does she survive with such little clothing on?"  I assure you, this is not what those two punks were thinking.  One would imagine right about now they had pissed their little pants.

"Oh God, please don't kill us ma'am!!

"Yeah, we're totally sorry, please don't hurt us!" the frightened youths beg and Mira's feet.

She marches right up to them, her spherical, pale skinned belly dominating their vision.  Silence once again befalls the bar.  The goons look up at Mira and are met by her vengeful gaze.  They look away quickly, at the only thing the can think of…her belly.  

"Go to Hell!" Mira screams as she kicks the one boy straight out the door.  

Before the other oaf can pick himself off the floor, Mira is doing it for him.  She raises him up above her head and yells…

"Now do you know, now do you know why no one messes with me?!"

The drunken youth stops his whining only for a moment as he catches a glimpse of Mira's cleavage.  Like a fool who had forgot all that has befallen his friends, the teen spouts out…

"Hey lady…nice boobs"

"Bastards!"  Mira screams as she tosses the last thug out the door.  He lands head first in a snow mound, his legs twitching ever so slightly.

Mira exhales and sighs.  She turns around and walks towards Mikhail's comatose body and bends over to steal his coin pouch.  As she bends over, she is unaware of the lone drunk in the corner, staring at her rear.  She quickly straightens up and turns around.  The drunk lowers his head into his mug to fain slumber, it appeared to work.  Mira then walks to the counter and slams the coin purse down and says…

"I'll take an entire roasted chicken, your best greens, and…some turnip tea or something!!"
This is the first short that features my new character, Mira the Rus'. If you've been paying attention to my gallery lately, you would have noticed my Mira drawing, well this is her in action. I'm considering having her star in a series of short stories. I'm going to be pulling from Slavic Mythology a lot for this. As for where the content will go, I don't know. There may be some fully comedic stories, some action packed ones, some dark and mysterious, but all will involve the heavily pregnant, and very aggressive Mira. Let me know what you guys think, suggestions, tips, and comments are highly appreciated.
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HyperJehuty Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Mira..... She is such an awesome badass :-)
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tru dat yo!  
titan0638 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
nice way to start the story a girl putting foot to ass
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, I'm glad you liked it. I hoping to get some more out soon.
titan0638 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
Sweet cant wait
Lord-Godzilla Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
Good descriptions, nice intro. Be mindful of the dialogue. It sounds like you tried a theme and then it broke out into modern language. Keep it consistent and you'll be happier for it.
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, that seems to be the number one issue with this story. The dialogue is too modern. I guess I'll have to work on that, thanks for reading it though.
Lord-Godzilla Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Oh my pleasure!
Barkis1 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
One tough gal!
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tough as the frozen landscape that she wanders.
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